Custom Built

 A selection of our custom-built control and protection equipment.

This illustration is of a single, 2.2kw, three phase vacuum pump controller which is mounted on a skid base with pump, receiver and associated pipe work. It receives its pressure information from a transducer fitted to the delivery system which is then displayed on a digital controller. This is programmed to turn the pump on and off and also sound a remote alarm when the pressure is outside limits. It has medical, veterinary and industrial applications.

Illustrated is a four-pump, single phase panel which controls and protects two geothermal deep bore antiscalent pumps, a mixer and cooler fans all of which respond to well-head pressure as detected by a transducer. This unit draws its power from a single phase generator located many kilometres from the operational crew, working for many days unattended. As the power source is a diesel generator, all pump starters are of the soft start type to reduce starting currents while the sulphuric atmosphere is taken into account when determining components and wiring.

This coin-operated control panel is used in conjunction with a single phase pump to deliver scarce water to, in this case, a club horse-washing facility. When a gold coin is inserted and the nozzle turned on, a timer begins timing. When the time has expired or when the nozzle is turned off, the timer and pump stop. This could be regarded as an economical way to promote water saving and to recoup expenses.

We manufacture a small range of high-energy surge protectors, primarily for use with industrial electronic equipment such as variable speed drives and soft starters. Illustrated is a three phase unit which incorporates 400joule, 40kA, varistors for spike limiting and 800 volt, 20kA arrestors for impulse suppression. It is available with, and without, interphase

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