Services / Products


We collaborate with companies which require relatively small quantities of a specific unit which would carry out control tasks. Usually, these are electronic or electric/electronic devices which can be produced using a printed circuit board as a base. Companies which work in the pumping or packaging industries are prime examples of those needing custom-built control equipment.

Two examples of such units are firstly, one which accepts an input from a float or pressure switch and which drives a single phase, 1.5kw pump motor. It is microprocessor-controlled and allows a pump to run for a maximum period of time before switching it off, waiting, then running again. It also then allows the pump to run on following the emptying of its tank.

The second unit, also for pump control, accepts an analogue level input from a pressure tube and switches a pump motor on and off. It also delivers a volt-free alarm output which can be used to power a remote device to signal an abnormally high or low level. Being microprocessor based, we are able to program preset levels into it to suit different customer requirements or we are able to incorporate an adjustable preset control.


We repair industrial electronic equipment, particularly variable speed drives and soft starters. To this end, we maintain small stocks of IGBT output modules, half-controlled rectifier stacks and power capacitors.

We are able to modify or repair electronic control equipment on site if required.

We supply ARROW automatic voltage regulators for generators.


Our standard manufactured Protechta range of products include:

• Protechta 513
• Protechta 618
• Protechta 611
• Protechta 574

We also manufacture other electrical control equipment such as:

• Single and dual vacuum pump digital controllers.
• Starters to operate from irrigation controllers.
• Coin operated horse-washing pump control.
• Geothermal bore antiscalent cleaning pumps.
• PLC-controlled multipump panels.
• Ultraviolet water treatment fault alarm control.
• Dual variable speed drive cabinets.
• High energy surge protectors.