Modular Wiring System

The Future of domestic wiring

Fast, Flexibile, Efficient,
Plug & Play Modular Domestic Wiring System

With pluggable electrical installation, Wieland has been the unchallenged market leader for 30 years.  Not surprising since labour savings of up to 70% and cost reductions of 30% always speak for themselves.

The benefit of the plug-and-play principle are apparent everywhere:  No more cutting to length, stripping and threading terminals: gesis system components are industrially pre-assembled and tested.  Everything fits perfectly, and only needs to be plugged together on site.  

gesis CON is the ingenious principle for building installation technology - in high-rise buildings just as in family homes, and from the basement to the roof.  The unique variety of more than 5,000 components offers solutions for any kind of electrical installation.

With the Wieland gesis connection system, connections can be made without tools by simply plugging in.

Single or multiple lights can be mixed and matched from the same switch.  This provides a total solution for all lighting and power connections.

This modular wiring system provides the latest lighting and power connection technology for designers, installers, building and end users.

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